the next generation
to succeed
the next gen
to succeed
our vision
We want everyone to dream big and know that young people have the ability to achieve whatever they want in life regardless of where they came from
our Mission
We help the next generation prepare for personal and professional success by providing them with a digital platform to share their story, access to resources, and opportunities to grow and develop
Our Founder & CEO, Deepali Vyas, has over 20 years of experience in executive recruiting, having reviewed more than 100,000 resumes and placed thousands of executives in Fortune 500 companies
Through collaboration with industry experts, we’ve consolidated these years of assessment and coaching of global leaders into our proprietary framework with the goal of helping young people succeed in their personal and professional lives
We call this our
Fearless Formula
Digital Profile
Emotional Intelligence
Leadership & Life Skills
Personal & Professional Success
reimagining how young people prepare for their future
ing how young people prepare for their future
Midtown’s Fearless+ highlights interests and hobbies over work experience to help students
Its co-founders describe the platform as LinkedIn meets TikTok meets MasterClass
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“I want to make the world a better place by empowering the next generation to be successful. And it’s those successful humans who will continue to make the world better.”
Deepali Vyas
Founder & CEO of Fearless+
“Soft skills are so crucial to a person’s personal and professional success but are not typically taught in high schools, and this is one of the biggest reasons I feel so passionate about what we’re doing with Fearless+.”
Mike Grushin
Co-Founder & CTO
Meet the team
We’re building a company where people come and do their life’s work. Without compromises.
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